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Five co-founders of Astraea, two sitting at table and three standing behind

Our Story

With decades of experience using geospatial data in the intelligence, financial, and scientific sectors, Astraea’s co-founders realized that applying machine learning to Earth-observing data was inefficient and costly. As a team of data scientists and software engineers, we set out to solve our own problem.

We built a one-stop Artificial Intelligence platform to combine cutting-edge technologies and analytics-ready satellite imagery, bringing everyone closer to big geospatial data and giving them tools to analyze it at a fraction of the cost.

We believe that democratizing access will enable human creativity to solve the World’s problems.

Data can lead to insight. Insight to action. Action to solutions.

Tan and brown historical drawing of Astraea goddess with wings and a halo from Greek mythology

Our Name

Astraea was an ancient goddess of justice, purity and innocence. The daughter of the titans of dawn and dusk, she has long been associated with both renewal and rebirth and is best known for being the final god to abandon humanity at the end of the First Golden Age. As the myth goes, Astraea stopped to look back at the Earth before she ascended entirely to the stars. And there she has remained, poised in the cloud between the heavens and the planet, ready to help usher in the Second Golden Age.

Here at Astraea, we see the Earth as it could be. We believe that by connecting humanity to the heavens through Earth-observing data, we will empower people to solve the world’s most intractable problems.

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