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Astraea Earth AI An on-demand supercomputer for the Earth.

Astraea Earth AI is the first integrated artificial intelligence platform for big geospatial data, enabling global scale machine learning with analytics-ready Earth-observing satellite imagery. Turn pixels into insight with ease using Astraea Earth AI’s visual programming interface, push-button supercomputing, and built-in deployment engine.

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Astraea brought the power of machine learning and high-resolution geospatial data, saving our team thousands of hours of manual search.- Devin Welch, VP of Business Development at Sun Tribe Solar
Circular, full color image of Planet Earth from space showing North and South America with clouds in the atmosphere

Astraea Earth On Demand

Sourced from leading public and private satellite operators, our curated database of global analytics-ready imagery puts the power of geospatial data at your fingertips. Access, prepare, and analyze satellite imagery without the traditional challenges associated with big data ingestion and processing.

Circular, full color example of image available from Sentinel 2 satellite
Sentinel 2
Circular, full color example of image available from Landsat 8 satellite
Landsat 8
Circular, full color example of image available from MODIS satellites
Circular, full color example of image available from NAIP satellites
Circular, full color example of image available from other private provider satellites
Private Providers

Industry Applications

Sun rising behind close up view of long solar panel

Renewable Energy

Astraea is accelerating the rapid adoption of renewable energy by providing actionable information at each layer of the value chain, from installers to policy makers. After successfully identifying large commercial buildings with high potential for rooftop solar installations, we have continued to recognize and fill informational needs across the value chain that remote-sensing imagery is uniquely positioned to answer.   With our proprietary algorithms, we can reliably identify distributed, commercial, and utility grade solar installations. We cross-reference this information with property, weather, and policy data, enabling our clients to gain a competitive advantage in this fast-moving space.

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Aerial view of river with white water rapids running through forest of deciduous trees

Natural Resource Management

Supporting sustainable management of our natural resources, Astraea provides organizations access to valuable current and historical satellite imagery through a powerful analytics platform with flexible compute to scale to the problem at hand. Using our platform, we have helped groups like The Nature Conservancy characterize controlled-burn forest sites to better understand the impact of a decade-long initiative, saving time and money. We are currently working with clients on a diverse set of projects, from land use planning and understanding the built environment to deforestation/reforestation and agriculture.

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Our Vision:

Detailed view of satellite used to photograph and trasmit earth-observing images to Earth

As it was:

In 1972, NASA launched the first satellite with the specific goal of earth observation.  Since that time, over 600 instruments orbiting the Earth have gathered 200+ petabytes of data about our planet, with more launching every day.

Winding, technical blue line connecting the satellite on the left to the digital world on the right

As it is:

Due to costly and inefficient ingestion and analysis of geospatial data, most organizations are prohibited from realizing the full potential of this increasingly valuable data source.

Human hand holding image of Planet Earth with technical and digital overlay

As it could be:

Astraea’s platform combines machine learning, high-performance computing, and advanced analytics to enable everyone to harness the power of global geospatial data to solve some of our biggest challenges.