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Climate change, food security, and public health are just a few of the global concerns demanding humanity's attention. Insightful and timely knowledge about the planet we share is critical to finding sustainable solutions to these challenges. Geospatial Earth-Observing (EO) satellite, aerial, and drone data provide a unique, global perspective and have the potential to uncover new insights about the world. Howevever, the recent explosion of EO data from public and private satellite operators presents both a huge opportunity as well as a challenge to the data analysis community. It is Big Data in the truest sense, and its footprint is growing at an exponential rate.

Astraea builds EO-based analysis tools and information products. At the center of our products is Astraea EarthAI, our scalable machine-learning platform tailored for EO raster and vector data. Its mission is to provide global knowledge for local impact by combining cutting-edge technologies and analytics-ready imagery data into an integrated suite of AI tools. Astraea EarthAI empowers corporations, organizations, and individuals to easily access, analyze, and extract actionable insights about our planet.

We are a small team operating in a fast-paced startup environment in Charlottesville, Virginia, located two blocks from the iconic downtown pedestrian mall. We believe in work-life balance, but we also know when to roll up our sleeves. Team members strive to support one another, where in addition to performing our technical work, we are not above putting together furniture or straightening up the kitchen. We have excellent benefits, including flexible hours and fully-covered family health insurance. If we seem like a good fit for you, please submit a resume and cover letter to

Vision & Values


We strive for it in everything, knowing we will fall short sometimes. It’s the attitude and the perseverance that matters.

Intellectual Honesty

We believe the best ideas deserve to be implemented, and the best ideas can come from anyone.

Deep Respect

Hand in hand with intellectual honesty is a deep respect for fellow employees, for customers, and for the community.

Diversity and Inclusion

We believe that diversity fosters a stronger team, a better workplace, and a more successful company.

Work / Life Balance

We insist on it. We work hard, but we also have lives outside of work, and we live them to the fullest.


Everyone has a responsibility and commitment to bring their best to work and support those around them to do the same.


We’re proud to call Charlottesville home. Our office is right off the Downtown Mall so we can stay involved and give back to the community that fostered, encouraged, and supported us prior to launching Astraea.

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