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Satellite, aerial, and drone-based imaging platforms enable an unprecedented ability to monitor activity. Astraea’s monitoring services give you the tools you need to harness this ability for a wide range of applications including:

  • Agriculture
  • Infrastructure
  • Easement
  • Construction
  • Economic Activity

It Starts with the Data

Through EarthAI, you can acquire an automated feed of data to support your monitoring application. Astraea’s imagery experts can help you specify and task a cost-effective data feed that meets your needs.

Image Analysis

Depending on the application, monitoring the can involve everything from visual analysis to sophisticated analytics.

For visual analysis, EarthAI OnDemand offers a fast and easy-to-use web application for inspecting and comparing images over time.

For analytic consumption, EarthAI OnDemand offers an easy-to-use API and direct integration with EarthAI Notebook. EarthAI's workflow engine allows you to build production workflows to process your data and manage the results.

Get Operational Quickly

Astraea knows you need to get your monitoring application up and running quickly and efficiently.  The EarthAI Platform can start delivering monitoring results in a matter of days.  By leveraging our existing monitoring algorithms and providing human validated results, we can confidently deliver updates or alerts with confidence for even the most sophisticated monitoring scenarios.

Automated Change Detection and Machine Learning

Change detection is one of the most common monitoring use cases. Astraea has library of existing change detection models that can be tuned to your application quickly.  If you already have a change detection model, we can help you build an automated processing flow that executes your analytic as new data become available. Astraea also offers human-in-the-loop quality assurance to ensure your results are accurate.


Sometimes monitoring is best done by humans. Astraea's team of data labelers can be used for:

  • Short-term projects where AI may not be warranted
  • Creating training data to build ML models
  • Highly complex monitoring assessments
  • Immediate results

Astraea is proud to partner with CloudFactory to provide affordable, high-quality, sustainable labeling services.

Integrated Hand Labeling Solutions

While machine learning is rapidly enabling organizations to automatically label data, human labeling is a necessary enabler for this progress. Astraea has integrated geospatial labeling software into the EarthAI Platform to allow organizations to label data efficiently and simultaneously create analytics ready training data. Designed by data scientists, EarthAI's Active Learning System stores data labels and links to the data from which the labels were derived. Maintaining provenance is essential for building effective machine learning models.

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