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Spatial data files are large, complex, and come in a myriad of formats. Managing these data so they are discoverable and easily accessible requires a new approach.

Through EarthAI OnDemand, Astraea offers a range of spatial data management options:

  • SaaS platform-based management in the cloud
  • Managed hybrid cloud
  • Managed on-site

Fully Managed Saas

EarthAI OnDemand is available as a fully managed SaaS platform. Astraea will host your private data, manage the API access, and provide the EarthAI OnDemand User Interface to make discovering and using your data easy.

Hybrid Cloud Deployment

EarthAI OnDemand Enterprise offers hybrid deployment options where your data remain in place on your current cloud or servers. This is ideal for enterprises with existing workflows and organizations who wish to keep their data within their security enclave.


For enterprises seeking to leverage their own infrastructure and keep all data and metadata within their security enclave, EarthAI OnDemand can be deployed on premise into a Kubernetes environment.

Shared Folders Don’t Cut It Anymore

Many organizations attempt to organize and share these files using deep directories and complex file names to capture the spatial and temporal dimensions of their contents. EarthAI OnDemand does away with this complexity and makes your spatial data easily discoverable and accessible through an intuitive user interface and a developer friendly API.

Integration Services

Astraea’s Professional Services team can help integrate EarthAI OnDemand into your organizations existing infrastructure. Common integrations include custom APIs, Single Sign-on, and custom ingest pipelines.

Cloud Migration

EarthAI OnDemand provides a straightforward path to support cloud data migration efforts. Move your data off hard drives and servers into the cloud using EarthAI OnDemand to manage and catalog your archives.

Astraea's team provides support and advice to organizations seeking to move their geospatial data to the cloud. Say goodbye to SD cards and data on hard drives!

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