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For most applications, curating training data is a critical, yet onerous, step. AI-Assisted Mapping accelerates this process dramatically by leveraging the model you are building.

Astraea's labeling team can scale up to tackle even the largest labeling projects for you.

Labeling Imagery

Labeling imagery is one of the most common ways to map the environment. While this can be done in GIS or Google Earth, purpose built labeling tools make the work far more efficient and manageable. Astraea integrates directly with labeling solutions such as LabelBox to enable our team and yours.

AI Assistance

Use a model to pre-label your imagery, tweak your labels, then update your model. The idea is simple, the cycle is virtuous, and EarthAI makes it easy.

Human Assistance

Astraea has partnered with both domestic and off-shorelabeling teams to accelerate the development of your tools. Our teams are directly integrated into the software so we can operationalize your monitoring efforts quickly and efficiently.

Astraea firmly believes that workers should earn a fair wage. We have partnered with high-quality labeling services that pay fair hourly wages. This is not only fair -it is good business. These teams are motivated to do high-quality work, not crank out as many sloppy labels as possible.

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