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GeoAI Services

Astraea’s cadre of highly-experienced geospatial data scientists build analytics to extract information from Earth-observing imagery. Whether you need help developing training data or building a global-scale, production analytic, our team can help you specify your problem, acquire the data, and design, implement, test, and deploy a solution. By leveraging our deep experience in GeoAI and our EarthAI platform, our team delivers results quickly, efficiently, and at scale. See more about our our consulting enagements here.


RasterFrames Consulting

As the developers of the open-source RasterFrames library, Astraea is uniquely positioned to expand its capabilities. If you need additional functionality or just some architectural guidance to get your project off to the right start, we can provide a full range of consulting and development services around RasterFrames. See more about our our consulting engagements here.

Integration Services

Imagery data is inherently big and difficult to manage. Astraea developed Earth OnDemand to help enterprises better manage their data so that their users can discover, view, and use it more efficiently. Astraea’s integration team will work with your IT team to develop state-of-the-art, standards-based, enterprise data management tools for imagery data.


Finding and acquiring satellite imagery can be complicated. Analysts need to understand numerous factors including resolution, revisit, spatial availability, temporal availability, spectral availability, and price to make informed data selection. Astraea’s data scientists know these data. First, we can determine whether or not your project can leverage publicly available data. If not, we’ll help you work with the commercial providers to get exactly what you need. Once you have your imagery, you may need to develop robust training and test data to drive your analytics. Astraea has partnerships with the top providers of labeling and annotation services to keep your team focused on analysis.

GeoAI Mentorship

The answers to some of our world’s most important problems are hidden in vast archives of imagery. We seek to help organizations develop their own analytic development capabilities. Our data science team will work collaboratively with your teams to specify your problem, acquire the data, and design, implement, test, and deploy a solution. Throughout the engagement, our team will coach your team on best practices, analytical techniques, and the application of the many spatial analytic tools available to solve your problems.

Training Services

The Astraea Data Science team knows what it’s like to learn new tools. Our team offers training experiences covering all aspects of GeoAI including data acquisition, data transformation and manipulation, all the way through production-grade analytic development. Our team can provide both in-person and virtual training experiences ranging from half-day seminars to multi-day workshops with hands-on exercises.

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