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RasterFrames enables you to

Analyze Imagery

in a DataFrame

using Python

at Scale

Features & Benefits

Open Source

As part of Eclipse Foundation LocationTech and released under the Apache 2.0 License, we are proud to support the global community of developers using RasterFrames to build unique Earth-observing data application.

Multi-Language Support

Whether you prefer Python, SQL, or Scala, RasterFrames connects you to the extensive machine learning ecosystem of Apache Spark.

Data Frames

RasterFrames transforms EO raster and vector data into the tabular rows-and-columns structure that humans favor for analysis.

Scalable Foundation

From laptops to super computers, RasterFrames scales your solution to available hardware, locally or in the cloud.

Enables Machine Learning

AI models generally like tabular data. By generating DataFrames from raster data, RasterFrames enables data science practitioners to extract insights from this data.

Community of Practice

As part of a diverse and growing user base, RasterFrames users can connect with like-minded practitioners around the world.

RasterFrames Was Built For

Software Developers

Build an application to process imagery using RasterFrames directly. Get support, training, and direct access to the RasterFrames development team with professional support packages.

Data Scientists

Use RasterFrames to analyze imagery data in Python notebooks. To get started in our hosted environment, learn more about EarthAI Notebook. To get help setting up your own stack, get training or development support from the RasterFrames Team through our professional support packages.


Build image processing workflows in a no-code environment using pre-built analytic components and templated workflows. Learn more about EarthAI Workflow.

RasterFrames Consulting

As the developers of the open-source RasterFrames library, Astraea is uniquely positioned to expand its capabilities. If you need additional functionality or just some architectural guidance to get your project off to the right start, we can provide a full range of consulting and development services around RasterFrames. See more about our consulting engagements here.

Contact us for more information on RasterFrames Support Packages

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