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EarthAI is an integrated imagery analysis platform designed to enable users to discover, access, and process Earth observation data.

  1. Discover where and when imagery intersects your area of interest with Earth OnDemand
  2. Build geospatial analytics with EarthAI Notebook, our hosted JupyterLab environment
  3. Scale your analytics with RasterFrames, our open source toolkit for geospatial cloud computing
  4. Automate delivery of custom analytics in EarthAI Workflow, our low/no-code geoprocessing engine

Features & Benefits

Data Discovery

Discovery imagery through an intuitive UI with faceted search capabilities


Our query engine indexes multiple public and private datasets, offering rapid exploration of over 8PB of imagery

Direct integration with analysis tools

Continue analysis in EarthAI Notebooks or your own analysis tools

True color overview images

Download true-color imagery for your project. Coming soon... FULL RESOLUTION

Side-by-side comparison

Earth OnDemand's side-by-side comparison tool allows visual analysis of change over time

Near-live data refresh

Earth OnDemand furnishes images as soon as they are available from the provider

Features & Benefits

API Access to Data

Access 8+ PB of free data via Earth OnDemand catalog

Friendly API designed by data scientists


Fully managed scalable infrastructure

Easily switch between compute infrastructures to scale your analytics

Commercial Friendly

No restrictions on commercial use

Affordable plans

GPU Enabled

Accelerate your analytics or model training with GPU enabled computation

Cluster Compute

Scale your analytic on a fully managed Spark Cluster

Proprietary Libraries

Leverage proprietary raster processing libraries to enable your analytics

A first platform screen shot from Astraea EarthAI from various stages in the workflow process

Features & Benefits

Open Source

As part of Eclipse Foundation LocationTech and released under the Apache 2.0 License, we are proud to support the global community of developers using RasterFrames to build unique Earth-observing data application

Multi-Language Support

Whether you prefer Python, SQL, or Scala, RasterFrames connects you to the extensive machine learning ecosystem of Apache Spark

Data Frames

RasterFrames transforms EO raster and vector data into the tabular rows-and-columns structure that humans favor for analysis

Scalable Foundation

From laptops to super computers, RasterFrames scales your solution to available hardware, locally or in the cloud

Enables Machine Learning

AI models generally like tabular data. By generating DataFrames from raster data, RasterFrames enables data science practitioners to extract insights from this data

Community of Practice

As part of a diverse and growing user base, RasterFrames users can connect with like-minded practitioners around the world

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