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Our Partners

21st Century Aerospace Technology

21AT was established in Singapore in July of 2014. Since then, the company has launched several satellites forming their TripleSat Constellation, providing 0.8m resolution optical and 3.2m resolution NIR imagery. Their satellite orbits allow for complete coverage of the Earth daily, with affordable and accessible tasking services and cross-calibrated data integration.


Airbus owns a comprehensive portfolio of both optical and radar-based earth-observing satellites. Their satellites have the ability to be operated alone in tasking requests or as a constellation, providing flexible availability of imagery for a variety of use cases. Their newest models of satellites, the S850 radar and S950 optical will be members of their newest constellation of earth-observing satellites: Pléiades Neo.


BlackSky is one of our newer partners, emerging into the field in 2015. Since then, BlackSky has been working hard to fill their “constellation” of smallsats. They expect to have 14 operational earth-observing small in their constellation by the end of 2021. Astraea continues to be BlackSky’s primary and sole reseller for their imagery. Due to their constellation of satellites, BlackSky provides affordable tasking operations at 1m resolution, great for monitoring and preliminary research into a target area.


Capella Space is our primary SAR provider. SAR Imagery, which stands for Synthetic Aperture Radar, is an emerging type of active imagery, compared with passive forms of image capturing. SAR has high potential with use cases such as monitoring and defense, based on its ability to capture small-scale movements.


Cloudfactory employs hundreds of trained specialists to quickly label data to provide clients a “human in the loop” approach for artificial intelligence. With its assembly-line process, Cloudfactory holds its unique position at the intersection of high-quality annotations and rapid delivery of results. The work done by Cloudfactory greatly optimizes the development of analytics for customers, speeding up the timeline between idea and result.


Cuebiq is transforming the way businesses interact with location data. Companies have unique problems that location data can solve, but too often face roadblocks with data sourcing, privacy, and resources. Our mission is to help the industry innovate by opening our data and platform to partners, both data owners and consumers who need access to human mobility insights, with the belief that providing such data shouldn’t be limited to those with enterprise-deep pockets or abilities, but to anyone who can utilize location data in a responsible way for innovation and growth. Our best-in-class location intelligence is used by hundreds of organizations to better understand consumers and develop their own specialized models. In an effort to enhance quality of life across the globe, Cuebiq also partners with academic and research institutions on humanitarian initiatives such as natural-disaster relief, epidemiology andCOVID-19 response with its Data For Good program, underscoring the demand for our data in solving a wide variety of problems.


Labelbox provides users with a streamlined platform to expedite the development of training datasets for numerous machine learning algorithms. With annotation, management, and iterative tools, Labelbox’s platform allows us to quickly get analytics up and running for our customers with high confidence and quality.


With more than 60 years of experience in the earth-observing market, Maxar is one of our oldest and most experienced partners. Maxar captures imagery up to 30cm resolution through their network of over 80 satellites. Along with imagery, Maxar also provides incredibly detailed Digital Terrain Models and Digital Surface Models for use in analytics, tasking for time-sensitive imagery needs, and a wide variety of spectral bands.

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