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Our Team

We are a group of passionate data scientists, developers, and entrepreneurs solving some of the world's biggest challenges with satellite imagery, high-performance computing, and machine learning.

Daniel Bailey

Co-Founder & CTO

I bring experience gained from a wide range of disciplines, with a consistent focus on developing and applying technology and advanced analytics to solve complex real-world business problems. Prior to Astraea, I was the Director of Commercial Analytics at Elder Research where I provided analytics solutions and strategy for clients across numerous industries such as insurance, oil and gas, and healthcare. A decorated war veteran, I served as an officer with specialization in Signal Intelligence. I have degrees in Applied Mathematics and Advanced Analytics from NCSU.

Education: B.S. Applied Mathematics, NCSU; M.S. Advanced Analytics, NSCU

Prior Employers: U.S. Army, DBRI, Elder Research

Jamie Conklin

VP of Product

I am passionate about building tools to extract information from data. I’ve spent most of my career developing systems to leverage geospatial data to generate insights for decision makers. Working at Astraea allows me to take that vision to the next level by democratizing access to remote sensing data and making analysis of these data a reality for all. I love working with users to ensure our product helps solve important problems like climate change, poverty, and natural disaster recovery as well as addressing emerging commercial challenges.

Education: M.S. Systems and Information Engineering, University of Virginia; B.S. Systems and Information Engineering, University of Virginia

Prior Employers: CCRi

Matthew Eldridge

Co-Founder & VP of Compute and Infrastructure

I am a software developer and computer science researcher with over 25 years of experience designing, implementing, and deploying a wide variety of software system in technical areas that include highly scalable distributed cloud computing, large-scale data analytics, optimal planning and control, computer network operations (CNO), agent-based computation, computational modeling of social systems, large-scale physics-based simulation, and signal processing. I am a fan of design patterns, functional programming, and agile development processes.  Additionally, I possess an educational foundation in mathematics and physics that, combined with my practical experience building software systems, brings a unique ability to bridge the gap between research and development.

Education: B.S. Physics and B.S. Mathematics, Virginia Tech; M.S. Applied Physics, Johns Hopkins University

Prior Employers: CCRi, Fulcrum IT, BAE Systems, Alphatech, Orbital ATK

Simeon Fitch

Co-Founder & VP of Research and Development

I have over 25 years’ experience as a software engineer and consultant, collaborating with scientists and engineers with innovative technologies in the laboratory to the commercial marketplace. These collaborations have resulted in dozens of conference and journal papers, two R&D awards, and a patent. My current interest is in the application of functional programming principles to the processes of data science, big data and distributed computing.

Education: B.S. Computer Science, University of Virginia

Prior Employers: Decision-Science Applications, Inc., Southwest Research Institute, Rare Medium, Inc., Mustard Seed Software, LLC (the first company I founded), Elder Research, Inc. (acquired MSS)

Kimberly Mathieu

Front End Software Engineer

I have over a dozen years of experience within many areas of the software development lifecycle — I first got my start in QA, then I progressed as a Business Analyst, and then to Product Owner (and even had a stint as a Scrum Master). But deep down inside I was always jealous of my engineer colleagues whom I felt got to have the “real” fun. So I took it upon myself to study and practice coding during nights and weekends until I finally crossed over into the dark side (or the light side, depending on whom you ask) and became a full-fledged software engineer. I was also a former stay-at-home mom whom competed in, and won first place in two hackathons (one on each coast)— arguing the case that domestic engineers make the best engineers!

I recently moved to the area from San Diego, but I grew up as a military brat (born, raised, and traveled) which meant my childhood was spent moving from state to state to country to country. Therefore, geography and learning about the earth naturally became an interest of mine. And so the opportunity to work at Astraea where I can look at satellite imagery and code all day is a dream come true

Education: B.B.A. Computer Information Systems, James Madison University

Prior Employers: Transcend Insights

Brendan Richardson

Co-Founder & CEO

My career started a long time ago in consulting, which didn’t last long.  I moved to San Francisco, fell in love with the beauty and the energy of the place and eventually landed an analyst position at a venture capital firm. The next twelve years were a front row seat to the chaos and marvel of start-ups in Silicon Valley and elsewhere.  I now consider myself a recovering VC, doing the real work of starting and growing companies as an entrepreneur.  Astraea is one of those ideas right in the sweet spot.  A big idea, hard problem, nearly unlimited potential – all of which can be unlocked by the creative application of converging technologies - and the real kicker, an opportunity to contribute to the improvement of the planet on a global scale.

Education: B.S. Finance, University of Virginia

Prior Employers: SPA Consulting, Wells Fargo, Project RAFT, Dominion Ventures, Vision Capital, Investure, PsiKick

Tom Schroeder

Director of Cloud Computing

I have over 12 years’ experience as a software engineer and have been involved in all aspects of the software development lifecycle. A large portion of my career has been focused on designing systems that bridge the gap between an unprecedented growth of global data and an increasingly impatient user base. Whether performing as a full stack developer, system designer, or team lead, I have been lucky enough to make a career out of solving complex and interesting problems with a myriad of exceptionally talented individuals. Nowhere has this been more true than in my current position at Astraea. Here, I get to work with an amazing team, focused on leveraging cloud compute infrastructures, machine-learning and AI to effectively process massive volumes of Earth-observing satellite imagery. In so doing, we are building systems that enable problem solving on a planetary scale.

Education: B.S. Biology, University of Mary Washington

Prior Employers: Blackhawk Enterprise, Secure Database Solutions, CACI

Dr. Kimberly Scott

Co-founder and VP of Data Science

I have the pleasure of leading Astraea’s team of data scientists, engaging with clients and partners to identify business opportunities, and helping to develop the strategic roadmap for our services and products. I have 16 years of experience in creative problem solving by leveraging data, machine learning, and best practices in scientific methodology. Prior to Astraea, I worked as a data scientist at the UVA Medical Center and at Elder Research, where I developed novel data science solutions to problems across several different industries. In the not-so-distant past, I was an astrophysicist, where I used multi-spectral data to study how galaxies in the Universe have evolved over the past 13 billion years. Now, my work brings me more down to Earth and in the present – and the problems are just as fascinating.

Education: B.S. Physics and Mathematics, University of Evansville; Ph.D. Astronomy, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Prior Employers: University of Virginia Medical Center, Elder Research, National Radio Astronomy Observatory

Shannon Tevendale

Director of Marketing & Operations

I have spent the majority of my career in the non-profit sector, organizing events and implementing marketing and fundraising campaigns.  I joined Astraea in 2017 and have enjoyed creating logistical processes to help the company run smoothly as well as sharing our story and technology through marketing and business channels.  It’s important to me to always be passionate about what I’m working on and to continue to grow professionally by surrounding myself with enthusiastic, intelligent people.  At Astraea, there is no shortage of both.

Education: B.A. History and B.A. Photography, George Mason University

Prior Employers: MS Society, Blue Ridge Chapter; Bad to the Bone Endurance Sports; Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Virginia

Dave Yoken

Director of Business Development

I joined Astraea from a leading management consulting firm, where I shaped and implemented supply chain strategy for clients in the technology, consumer goods, and industrial products industries. I also co-founded a digital transformation consulting practice, counseling manufacturers to drive efficiency through predictive analytics, the Internet of Things, and other innovations. This work honed my interests in applying emerging technology, analyzing large datasets to solve complex business problems, and forging mutually beneficial partnerships. At Astraea, I get to pursue these interests in a fascinating new space, surrounded by astoundingly intelligent colleagues that are driven by a mission that matters. I’m proud to work in support of the company’s vision and enjoy watching Astraea grow.

Education: B.A. Economics and B.A. Philosophy, Georgetown University; M.B.A. Business Analytics, University of Virginia

Prior Employers: Accenture Strategy, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

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