What if you could...

Routinely monitor your assets, properties, or projects from your desk?

Order an on demand satellite image with a day’s notice?

Identify meaningful change across your sites all within the same user-friendly platform?

Do all this with a user-friendly platform?

EarthAI Monitor has the Answers

Quickly import or draw your area-of-interest

Set your project preferences

Compare historical and recent imagery of your sites

Receive alerts when things change or are updated

Track multiple sites in the same platform

Answer questions that matter to you with image analytic

Get more details with easy-to-order high-resolution imagery

Early Access Program

Register now for access to this limited-time, invite-only program to Astraea’s latest product: EarthAI Monitor!

Be the first to try out new product features before we release them to all customers and help influence the product roadmap to meet your needs. Early Access participants will also receive a free, tasked high resolution image from one of our satellite partners!