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Features & Benefits

API Access to Data

Access 8+ PB of free data via Earth OnDemand catalog

Friendly API designed by data scientists


Fully managed scalable infrastructure

Easily switch between compute infrastructures to scale your analytics

Commercial Friendly

No restrictions on commercial use

Affordable plans

GPU Enabled

Accelerate your analytics or model training with GPU enabled computation

Cluster Compute

Scale your analytic on a fully managed Spark Cluster

Proprietary Libraries

Leverage proprietary raster processing libraries to enable your analytics

screenshot from EarthAI Notebook showing crop classification model with imagery tiles and edge detection lines of code.

Example Applications

  • Crop Classification

  • Site Monitoring

  • Object Detection

  • Land use Classification

  • Change Detection

  • Water Resources Modeling

Select Your Infrastructure

Choose the setup that best suits your needs.

screenshot from EarthAI Notebook launch options pop up with two choices: Standard and GPU supported and examples of when to use each selection.

Industry Verticals

We built our business to enable yours.

Oil & Gas

See the Earth with EarthAI Notebook.

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