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The Opportunity

The current explosion of Earth Observing satellites has led to more data stored than action taken. Applying machine learning to this data at massive scale, organizations can uncover opportunities that were previously unseen and often unthinkable. Most organizations, however, are failing to capitalize on these opportunities. As is typical with emerging technologies, each organization faces a unique set of challenges. Some struggle to identify relevant use cases, while others lack the machine learning and/or EO expertise to build useful models. Still others face technical challenges in working with this massive data.

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How Can We Help?

We are a team of consultants, data scientists, engineers, and designers who have climbed the EO learning curve and have built tools and capabilities to help clients on their own journey. Let us help you make sense of this opportunity. From ideation and data discovery, to design and prototyping, testing and refining, through shipping models to production, Astraea has you covered.

How We Engage

We recognize each client has unique needs, and we tailor our engagements to prove value (or re-focus) quickly and efficiently. To that end, we think about consulting through the engagement types below. These are a lens to focus an initial conversation, during which we’ll develop a better understanding of the business problem at hand and how EO can help.

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